Key Elements of Professional Android Application Development

Android has rapidly gained acceptance amongst professional app developers as a result of its open-source nature. It allows programmers and app developers to overcome app deficiencies with surgical precision. While the native app set may vary across differing mobile devices, the key elements used in professional android app development remain pretty much consistent.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Android penetrates through the stereotypical standards of proprietary operating systems on mobile phones. Android accomplishes this by using distinct application programming interface libraries. Moreover, it uses traditional set of operating system and middleware that enables professional programmers to develop apps with cross-platform compatibility and inter-app information sharing features.

Compatibility across devices is a customary characteristic of Android apps. Ensuring OEM and cross-carrier compatibility in Android apps requires that app developers make use of a consistent set of elements during the app development process. As a result, the user interfaces may significantly vary while the underlying platform and software development kit remain the same.

Data Management

Professional Android programmers have three tools for data sharing and inter-app communication.

  • Notifications are managed via API and are widely used to help the mobile device communicate with the user.
  • Intents allow data sharing across Android apps. Intent is a call-to-action from one Android component to another.
  • Content Providers function by managing the access that apps have to the database. The default database available in Android uses SQLite. In doing so, content providers also help regulate communication across data storage and app layers.

Android App Lifecycle

Professional Android app development requires programmers to deliver an optimal user experience in the face of limited processing resources (such as RAM and storage capacity), restricted resolution capacity, potentially unstable data transmission connections, and limited battery life. In other words, Android app developers need to be wary of the app lifecycle based on various Instances and Activities.

User Experience

During app development, professional Android developers focus on the speed, convenience, integration and security that the app has to ultimately offer to the end user. Special attention is given to the app's ability to function in the background without draining the available limited resources. Professional Android app developers also give consideration to the responsiveness and consistency of user-interface performance, be the app is running in the foreground or in the background.

The clash between limited storage space in mobile devices and an increasing demand for simultaneous app usage makes data storage and retrieval a challenge for professional Android app developers. Android is a free open-source development platform that is ideal for the creation of powerful apps. Professional Android app development requires a structured and sequential approach as well as a beyond rudimentary understanding of the key elements utilized in the process.


Android has surpassed iOS as the leading mobile OS platform. Naturally, this has resulted in a flooding of Android apps in the market. Therefore, Android app developers need better guidance to develop apps that standout in this highly competitive and crowded market. The aforementioned steps highlight the most important steps to developing a killer Android app. If you are still unsure whether or not you have the acumen to develop an Android app, let it be handled by professionals. The Android development team we have here at Gaditek has heaps of experience in Android app development. Rest assured, you can trust us with developing a superb Android app that fits your needs perfectly.


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  • Ehtesham Shaikh

    Thanks, Danish for sharing a valuable post. can you please let me know a couple of things like
    1) How to decide if a business needs a mobile app?
    2) On which basis do we need to sort out whether to go for Android or iPhone Mobile app development?

    • Gaditek

      Thank you for your kind words Ehtesham. Now with regards to your questions,

      1) You need to understand the core need of your user. Then you need to lookout for the various ways through which you can fulfil that need. If your current/potential customer is using smartphone then you should have an app to offer them your service and facilitate them as much as you can.

      2) Again, it depends on your users and their usage. If you’re a startup then you can go with just one mobile app to start off with. But if your user base is more on smartphone then on the web, then you should go with both Android as well as iPhone mobile app development.

      • Ehtesham Shaikh

        Thanks for your response Gaditek.
        As per todays scenario mostly people search from mobile rather than desktop. What if one don’t have resources to make both mobile website and mobile app so what would you prefer to have with minimum resources and in cost effective manner?

        • Gaditek

          Then it depends on your budget. You should go for the best channel for your organization. You need to start off with a mobile website, then move onto the apps. Even in mobile apps you need to prioritize which OS will be more beneficial for you and vice versa. Hope it helps :)

          • Ehtesham Shaikh

            Ok I got we need to have mobile friendly website and if we have the resources to allocate on mobile app we can go for mobile application development right?

            We do provide Mobile/Smartphone application development services at SKI USA Inc .

            Thanks for clearing all my doubt.

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