Mobile application development touchpoint 2

In part two of the 50 part series of Mobile Application Development Tip-as-as-Post, we hint at the Mobile screen size. You’re probably thinking what the deal is with screen sizes. 

Mobile Touchpoint #2

Does Size Matter?

In Mobile Usability as a best practice, each and every aspect of the user design is critical to providing an optimized user experience. The device screen size is one such element. It is a hardware-based element in the Mobile usability domain that plays an extremely important part in how users experience your brand and how they relate with your brand in the overall engagement flow.

For example, Android Mobile Application Development comes with a variety of UI elements that are already optimized. Android Mobile application development teams, especially front-end developers and designers must be aware of this factor in order to put these elements to maximum use. That would be the smart thing to do.

When trying to reinvent the wheel when it comes to designing and developing Android applications for different screen sizes, Android developers must work with current benchmarks for UI in those devices. They need to think of the screen as a canvas on which users expect to access the content they expect. They should not have to face odd scenarios like incomplete user interface just because a certain screen size didn’t allow for it. Instead, screen sizes are meant to be used to place as much content as the Mobile interface can handle without sacrificing any one element of usability.

Coming up next on the tip-as-as-post series: It’s A Scroll Thing!


Fact remains that as Mobile users, we don’t really mind navigating across the vertical and the horizontal Mobile canvas, as long as we can get the content we want.

There are challenges to developing for different screen sizes. For example developing an Android application or an Android game, and making that available across multiple devices like an Android Tablet and an Android Mobile device can bring about a different set of challenges. Let us know if we can help.

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