Business Intelligence

Monitor, Analyze & Convert Your Websites and Ads
Gaditek Business Intelligence solutions empower you to gain optimum mileage and traffic from your designs by using advance analysis models that help you understand your visitors online behavior.

Data Mining

Get standardized and easy-to-understand insights into your data with Gaditek Data Mining services. Turn your raw data into precise knowledge and optimize core business operations, improve cost efficiencies, and increase revenues from channles that were previously hard to tap into. Our Business Intelligence Solutions provide the world's easiest dashboards, real-time monitoring, analytics, reports, and timely notifications that allow you to run optimizations across your network without any firefights.

We are industry or business category agnostic and we make Business Intelligence look easy. Contact us today to find out how Gaditek BI Solutions will get you unique and in-depth insights into the real workings of how your visitors use your website!

User Behaviour Analysis

Gain True Customer Experience Knowledge! In order to answer the WHY of the online customer engagement model, we help you understand why your websites, landing pages, mockups, and basically all creative designs and elements of your websites need to be laid out in a certain way. We apply a granular approach to this model and help you maximize the value of every single customer visit.

Optimize conversions through successful online transaction completions. Understand the factors affecting your customers' behavior and how they impact your business and your application design.

Web Analytics

We help you measure your Video, Flash, and Social Networking sites and applications. And we do it well! Gaditek Web Analytics services enable you to optimize all your web, ads,, and social network traffic by getting you the necessary insights that matter to your digital stream.

Contact us today and get the very best of Social, Search, Web, Mobile, Content, Advertising, and Conversion insights and measurements to optimize and retarget your target demographics.

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