Cloud and Security

True Cloud Computing and Virtualization of Networks enable you to harness the real power of the Internet. We help you not only build, deploy, and manage small-scale as well as massive websites and web applications with ease, but also enable you to free the web.
Talk to us today and realize the true potential of the Internet for real online experiences.

Managed Cloud Hosting

With the Gaditek Managed Cloud Hosting solutions, you have the freedom to build and deploy scalable, interactive, and very secure websites and web applications in minutes. With over 100+ applications and over 15 cloud service providers at your disposal, you can be sure of giving your customers real interaction for optimised online experiences. And that's not all! With our Managed Service solutions in the cloud, your cloud experience benefits from world-class 24/7/365 support, robust security, and state-of-art infrastructure that frees you to focus on business development and improving revenues.

No matter what your experience level and knowledge, our Managed Cloud Hosting solutions will help you get on the cloud at a fraction of the cost, with none of the administrative issues.

Virtual Private Network

Gaditek Virtual Private Network solutions helps you experiene the true free Internet. Experience all your favorite web applications and web services no matter where you are in the world. We enable you to experience the complete freedom of the Internet with access to all your favorite videos, websites, web services, and related online services. Standard VPN options include Server Suggestion Tool, Speed Test, 50+ Servers across the globe, and integrated Live Chat and Ticket Support. With fast VPN solutions and flexible plans, you can experience the Internet as it was meant to be - completely free!

Protect your privacy online, secure web surfing, unlimited server switching, and compatibility with all platforms. Get in touch today and enjoy a truly free Internet.

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