Build The Mobile Web!

Touted as the Persuasion Platform That Influences Behavior, the mobile device is your platform of choice for development, whether for Gaming or Applications, we help you deliver enhanced brand experiences over multiple mobile devices.

Android Application Development

We put Android to real work! The Gaditek Android Application Development pod builds and helps you deploy smart Android games, applications, rich media, and serious n-tier applications. Whether you are looking to have a business application build, a game built around teh social network concept, or would simply like to have the next Temple Run smash, you can talk to us.

There is no reason why you shouldn't have an Android App or an Android Game, right? Then why overthink it? Talk to us!

PhoneGap Development

Want your next Mobile Application to hit 7 different mobile platforms at once? Of course you would! And Gaditek Mobile AppDev can help. We take the Adobe Phonegap framework seriously - enough to know that if you are serious about your next application's success, you need to go viral. And the only way possible for that is to go through the Adobe PhoneGap way.

To taste success across mobile platforms, talk to us today to see how we can put HTML, CSS and Javascript to their individual runs and create absolutely wonderful mobile experiences for yur customers.

HTML5 Web/Mobile Development

Developing with HTML5 technologies allow you to create cross-platform mobile applications for all popular operating systems, smart phones, and handheld devices, including Android, iOS, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Palm WebOS, Symbian, and Bada using the web code so many of us love: HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

With animation, offline capabilities, audio and more, Gaditek enables merchants, advertisers and publishers alike to build amazing mobile experiences around their products. Talk to us today!

iOS Development

Gaditek Mobile AppDev is the mobile application and games development program at Gaditek. We help you build and deploy amazing mobile & tablet device experiences around your products and brands. Our iOS Development program allows your visitors to enjoy native iOS UI experience on every device, ready-to-consume Apple AppStore apps and games, and we use the leading Mobile Application Frameworks to achieve all of this.

We make sure that you mobile strategy matches your ideas, and together we build innovative mobile and tablet solutions. Talk to us today!

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