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The Gaditek Life

Calling all Digital Marketers and Content Specialists!⠀
We Want You! ⠀

To apply, visit our job portal: https://careers.gaditek.com/department/marketing⠀

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Our human centered policies facilitates constant learning for our employees and teams. We believe in sponsoring various learning opportunities for our employees because with their growth is the growth of our company.⠀

To apply at Gaditek, please visit: https://careers.gaditek.com⠀

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At Gaditek, we strongly believe in sharing knowledge and learning through distributing valuable content from where ever we can find it. Here are pictures of few of the many knowledge sharing session that have been conducted at Gaditek's Learning Center.⠀

Gaditek's Learning Center as part of Gaditek's Rent Free Space initiative can be booked, visit: http://www.gaditek.com/book-event⠀

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Are you financially or emotionally invested in your job?⠀

Let us know in the comments below! ⠀

#Gaditek #QOTD
Here is a throwback to the biggest corporate cricket tournament in tech industry of Pakistan. Gaditek Cricket League 2019.⠀

#Gaditek #Cricket #GCL19 #Tournament #tb
A very very happy returns of the day!⠀
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all our beloved Gaditians that were born in September.⠀
May you have many more!⠀

#Gaditek #Employees #birthday #happybirthday #Gaditians
A great guy once said , No matter what happens we shall stay true to our country!⠀

Let us remember the biggest tank battle of its time, the loss of human lives, and the sacrifices our brave soldiers made. Let us commit to cherishing our lives and the land we live in by delivering excellence in whatever we do; by doing more; by being more.⠀

#Gaditek #Pakistan #DefenceDay
The philosophy behind Gaditek's Wellbeing Program is to make work enjoyable and productive for our employees. We have seen amazing initiatives like MOVE, Vendi machines, Greeno juices, GCL as a result of our wellbeing program. ⠀

And thus, we are excited to announce a new initiative under Gaditek's Wellbeing Program: Airlift.⠀

Airlift is a bus hailing service that enables you to make premium quality commutes at reliable times, cost-effective prices, avoid driving in traffic jams, spending time to find parking or booking car services at surge prices.⠀

#Gaditek #Wellbeing #Employees #Airlift #Carpool
Here are some more shots of the 550 Gaditek employees who came together for the #KashmirHour today.⠀

#StandWithKashmirOnFri #KashmirHour #PMIK #StandWithKashmir
To support the Government's drive for showing solidarity with the Kashmiri people 550 Gaditek employees came together for the #KashmirHour today.⠀

Starting the hour with national anthems of Pakistan and Kashmir followed up with a march bearing Pakistani and Kashmiri flags. As a nation it is our time to come together and unite for the cause.⠀

#StandWithKashmirOnFri #KashmirHour #PMIK #StandWithKashmir
As we welcomed back the Gaditians after a week off for Eid-Ul-Adha and Independence Day, we decided to keep the festivities going by hosting an Eid Milan & Independence Day Party.⠀

Here is to enjoying some quality fun time together as a family!⠀

#Gaditek #Eid19 #EidUlAdha #IndependenceDay #Pakistan #New #Party
Ninety nine percent is hard, hundred percent is easy.⠀

Let that sink in. Not everything that comes your way will need you hundred percent, but if you listen to your gut, you will know what actually does. Don't go crazy and commit to a million projects, commit yourself "100 percent" to that one thing which gets your blood pumping.⠀

If it is to get a challanging job to up your career than we are the right fit. Head over to https://careers.gaditek.com and get your application cracking. Got any questions? Ask us in the comments.⠀

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