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The Gaditek Life

As we welcomed back the Gaditians after a week off for Eid-Ul-Adha and Independence Day, we decided to keep the festivities going by hosting an Eid Milan & Independence Day Party.⠀

Here is to enjoying some quality fun time together as a family!⠀

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Ninety nine percent is hard, hundred percent is easy.⠀

Let that sink in. Not everything that comes your way will need you hundred percent, but if you listen to your gut, you will know what actually does. Don't go crazy and commit to a million projects, commit yourself "100 percent" to that one thing which gets your blood pumping.⠀

If it is to get a challanging job to up your career than we are the right fit. Head over to https://careers.gaditek.com and get your application cracking. Got any questions? Ask us in the comments.⠀

#Gaditek #HunderedPercent #Commit #Motivation
I. Am Pakistan. ⠀

Let's celebrate how remarkable we truly are. ⠀

This Independence Day, let us acknowledge and celebrate our unique diversity. From our traditions and languages, to our stunning natural landscape, to our achievements and breakthroughs that have put us on the world map. ⠀

Let's talk about us, you and me, and say it proudly. ⠀

I am. Pakistan. ⠀

Let's get this trending! Spread the love. Spread. Pakistan.⠀

#Gaditek #IndependenceDay #Pakistan #iampakistan
A very very blessed Eid-Ul-Adha Mubarak, from all of Gaditek, to all of you out there!⠀

#EidMubarak #Eid19 #Gaditek #EidUlAzha
What is it that YOU love to do? Let us know in the comments below!⠀

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A final meet & greet and dinner with the foreign Gaditian and the Advisor, Mr Jason and Mr Santi respectively, at Rangoli.⠀

The event was a celebratory sum up of the quarter with awards distributed to star Gaditians as well as being a night of delectable meals and team-building gaming activities.⠀

#Gaditek #Growth #Learning #Wellness #Foreigners #Gaditians #Arena #Fun #TeamBuilding
Many of you have been asking questions related to hiring. We went straight to the man in charge to get your queries answered.⠀

We will be doing more of these, so shoot us a question or more down below in the comments and we just might answer your question in the next post!⠀

#Gaditek #QnA #Talent #hiring #HumanResource #HR #Jobs
One of our advisers Mr. Santi Costa has been visiting the Karachi offices of Gaditek this week.⠀

Along with having all-hands meeting, casual discussions were had over operation errors along with talks from the adviser on effective meetings and much more.⠀

#Gaditek #growth #learning #meetings #casual #discussion
A very very happy returns of the day!⠀
HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all our beloved Gaditians that were born in August.⠀
May you have many more. 😁🎁🎉⠀

#Gaditek #Employees #birthday #happybirthday #Gaditians
Gaditek is a new-age tech-company, operating since 2008. We are one of the largest tech companies in Pakistan, with offices in Pakistan (Karachi), UAE, Spain and Malta.⠀

We pride ourselves in being employee-centric and focus on providing fulfilling careers to over 550 Gaditians that help us serve millions of customers in 7 different industries. ⠀

As a result, we are known to have the best collaborative workspace cultures in local tech space, revolving around learning, collaboration, experimentation, and having fun. ⠀

For more info and to apply, visit: http://www.gaditek.com⠀

#Gaditek #Growth #Culture #Employee #Centric #Tech #Company #IT
Gaditek was a wonderful sight to behold today as our campuses welcomed the monsoon rain.

The mood inside is joyous as Gaditians flock to the vending machines for unlimited hot chocolates, tea, coffee and pakoras!
Happy Monsoon Karachi!
#Gaditek #Rain #Raining #Monsoon #Spaces #Infastructure
Team lunches are a part of Gaditek's Culture!

Every last Saturday of the month Gaditians enjoy savory meals from where ever they please, on the house!⠀

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