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We're stronger when we adopt social distancing together.
Let's resolve to #StopTheSpread together and support the tireless efforts of healthcare workers across the world.
#PakistanResolution #23rdMarch #covid19 #Coronavirus #FlattenTheCurve #Gaditek #DisruptRemotely #RemoteWork
A HUGE SHOUT OUT to Gaditians and everyone who's adopting social distancing and working remotely!

Social Distancing is a disruptive act for reducing the spread and impact of COVID-19.
Let's be disruptive together and enable Pakistan to keep COVID-19 at bay.
We're enabling our teams for remote work with the right tools and policies. A special fund is also in place to support Gaditians and their families in case the need arises.
Proud of the proactive support from Gaditians in quickly enabling WFH.
#WFH #RemoteWork #Gaditek #COVID19 #SocialDistancing #Coronavirus #StopTheSpread #RemotelyDisruptive
Karachi, Pakistan
Remotely together, we will be stronger than ever.
We have gone remote completely. Work from home is now mandatory. All Gaditians are advised to disrupt remotely.
Our prayers and heart goes out to everyone who is committed to social distancing.

Let's go through and come out of the pandemic remotely together.

#covid_19 #RemoteWork #WFH #Gaditek #DisruptRemotely
Celebrate the courage and audacity of the #WomenInTech with us. Tag the women who are breaking barriers and putting Pakistan on the world map!
#Gaditek #DisruptiveTogether #WomenInTech #iwd2020
Gaditek Book Club launched!
Spearheaded by Gaditians with in-person support of Uzair Gadit, Co-Founder and Director at Gaditek.
The Book Club is bringing book lovers from across 7 different business units in one place, allowing each to connect, contribute their learning with one another, inspire curiosity and spur action!
We wish them the best!
P.S. May you never tire of reading.
P.S.S. And may you have so many more books to yourselves!
#Gaditek #Books #BookClub #Learning
The Hackathon is moving into its final stages as teams present their final solutions!

Up next, the closing and award ceremony.
Stay tuned!

#Gaditek #Hackathon2020 #hackathon #InternalHackathon #Cloudways
Full house at Hackathon 2020 demo day!

The first team is presenting!
11 teams, 50+ Gaditians. 24 hrs of hacking. Now, they're ready to present.
The judges are already here. The teams are ready. Let the pitching session begin!

#Gaditek #Hackathon2020 #Hackathon #InternalHackathon
Time check, 9:30 AM.
Breakfast time! T-5 hrs to D-day.

It's time to move into high gear. All the best!

#Gaditek #Hackathon2020 #hackathon #InternalHackathon #Cloudways
Time check. 5:30 AM. T-10hrs to D-day.

Team members taking turns to get power naps and recover their strength and continue their journey.

More power to everyone!

#Gaditek #Hackathon2020 #hackathon #InternalHackathon #Cloudways
The energy is building up!

More power to the teams. Keep it up!

#Gaditek #Hackathon2020 #hackathon #Cloudways
Discussions, ideation, coding debugging, and back again.

The teams are gradually entering into the zone.

More power to them!

#Gaditek #Hackathon2020 #InternalHackathon #Hackathon #Cloudways
Give credit where its due.

To the amazing admin team without whose tireless Gaditek's first internal Hackathon of 2020 would not have been possible!

The teams, refreshed after a fulfilling dinner are headed back to their Hackathon lair!

All the best!