About Us

We are an agility based organization with a bias towards creation over integration. Similar to every other tech startup, we too started off with humble beginnings back in 2008, but soon realized that IT will not only transform how we see the world, it will completely disrupt it. The realization allowed and afforded us the opportunity to think out of the proverbial box and shifted our focus on to the bigger and better things with them. In the process, we also rethought as to what a company's culture should be like, re-thought notions about the concept of employee-owner relationship and even the possibility of sharing ownership with key talent. Being your own boss is the core fabric of our culture. We work tirelessly towards ensuring high motivation levels of our teams as it directly ties in with the success of our company wide initiatives. As of now, we are an integral part of global initiatives involving cloud computing, online gaming, online security, privacy and accessibility of content. However, more than all this, we have managed to impact the life of the common user and for us, no other achievement tops that.







We aim to be the company of choice for talent that views the world differently and is not afraid to question the way we choose to live. Together we aim to create meaningful experiences that are relevant in an ever-changing world.


What Drives Us

Unlike any other time in the history of the world, people are using technology to stay hyper-connected to each other. In an era when anyone and everyone can attempt to change the very fabric of our society, we don't want to remain standing on the sidelines as mere spectators. It's a very exciting time to be alive and we want to make our lives count by figuring out the opportunities that exist in the seemingly limitless world of technology. It is this curiosity and the possibility to leave a lasting impression on life itself that drives us.


Dedicated Departments

While the concept of disrupt involves a bit of chaos every now and then, for the most part we have given an order to this chaos by channeling it through different departments, including search and research, data mining, development, design, network, sales & support , cloud solutions and finally communications. As pioneers of change, the Search and Research department anticipates the problems of tomorrow today and devises solutions combining existing and new technologies to deliver the best to our clients. The Data Mining department, ensures operational effectiveness by identifying service and product performance gaps in real time. It's one thing to identify a problem; developing and implementing its solution is a different ball game altogether. This is where our Development department takes the stage. Using their development prowess, our solution architects take ownership of solving every complexity that stands in the way of customer success. The Design department uses its wizardry in visual design to offer ease of use and to form instant connections with users the world over. At any given moment, our products and services are assisting millions of people in several countries across the globe. To ensure optimum delivery of solutions and a smooth customer experience, our ever-vigilant Network team keeps an eye on discrepancies and proactively troubleshoots complications in real time. Our Cloud Solutions team offers a seamless way to deploy, monitor and manage high performance applications without any fuss regarding the cloud infrastructure. Developers, designers and agencies can deploy apps, launch websites, manage services & backups, monitor everything and manage applications when they avail our services. When successful, the Communications department helps Internal Clients understand why they do what they do and how their actions help achieve company objectives. On the other hand, External Clients learn how our products and services are superior and relevant to their needs. Finally the Sales & Support department helps customers make the right product decisions and address any queries that they might have. Being one of the first points of contact with the company, they are vital to the growth and survival of the organization.