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12 Weeks of
Training and Execution
Fresh & Experience Candidates
Work-in-Person or Remotely

What is Gaditek's Affiliate Marketing Academy?

The Gaditek Affiliate Marketing Academy is a 3-month long remote internship program conducted at Gaditek by our highly esteemed, senior Gaditians with years of hands-on experience in the field.

The Gaditek Affiliate Marketing Academy’s objective is to train hardworking, self-motivated, and dedicated individuals to become part of our expanding affiliate marketing team, which tests various products/services and operates several affluent websites in multiple niches.

Once you enroll in the program, you will learn about the peculiarities of different types of affiliate marketing programs via a combination of theory, on-the-job, and practical hands-on training that will prepare you for a career in affiliate marketing at Gaditek.

What You Will Gain from the
Affiliate Marketing Academy?

360 Learning

Gain knowledge about the technical and business side of affiliate marketing while building on your skills and know-how for ranking in the top SERPs of Google.

Learn from Veterans

You will be taught by senior digital marketers and technology leaders from Gaditek. These are the people, who have built the business from its startup days, rapidly growing and scaling it

Practical, Hands-On Learning

No time-wasting lectures. Quickly move from theory to hands-on training to apply what you learn, experiment, gain insights, and expand your skillset in 12 weeks.

Why Did Gaditek Start the Affiliate Marketing Academy? ​

Affiliate marketing is a great way to advertise & promote products, which you don’t need to create yourself. Almost 81% of brands have an affiliate program. As of 2023, the market value of affiliate marketing has exceeded $17 billion.

As you can see, this industry has great potential, yet Pakistan lacks the qualified talent to embrace it. In light of this, Gaditek started the Affiliate Marketing Academy for fresh graduates in 2022. So far, we have successfully inducted one batch and hired high-potential candidates from different cities of Pakistan.

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a type of performance-based marketing by which an affiliate sells a product or service through its marketing efforts for a percentage of the sale or an agreed-upon rate.

This form of marketing stands out from others by benefiting everyone involved. For customers, it can help find new products. While on the marketing side, everyone enjoys a slice of the sale!

Why Should You Consider A Career In Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the right place for determined and motivated candidates seeking stellar growth. As a result, Gaditians in this program will be future leaders and all-rounders. They will learn everything about marketing products/services, ranking top on Google’s SERPs, and running successful affiliate websites.

Your career begins in the trenches by developing the core skillset and working on affiliate websites to drive results. It is a challenging expedition, but the rewards are just as fruitful and set you for explosive growth in the future.

What Do You Need to Apply?

To apply, all you need is an interest in affiliate marketing. There is no experience required, and fresh graduates can enroll. Skilled workers from any discipline, aspiring to switch and build their career in affiliate marketing are also welcomed to apply from all over Pakistan (no age limits).

If you are selected, we’ll be training you from scratch. To make the cut, you need to have an appetite for gaining knowledge and constant self-learning. There is much to learn, and we only have 3 months to get done with it. The ball is in your court!

Registration Closed