Benefits & Perks. Like No Other.

Unmatched Employee Care.

Gaditek is a company like no other. We believe in justifying the time and energy our employees choose to invest in us by creating an amazing environment: a place where they can come to get charged. We supplement it with a plethora of benefits that further the well-being of our employees and their families. The plethora of office perks and benefits listed below are simply an extension of our belief.

Fulfilling Work. Fast-Paced Career Paths.

Matching your ambition and contributions with competitive packages and fulfilling career paths.

7 Layers to the top

Unlike traditional companies that have 12 and more steps in their career ladder, we have just 7. You have a clearer path to rise through the ranks.

Competitive Packages

As one of the top tech companies in Pakistan, our compensation packages are highly competitive, in terms of your salary, performance rewards, and plethora of benefits.

Wellbeing & Continued Support.

The most comprehensive wellbeing and continued support programs in Pakistan.

Employee Wellbeing Program

The most comprehensive wellbeing program in Pakistan. It caters 5 dimensions of employee wellness, namely: occupational, physical, emotional, intellectual and financial wellness.


State-of-the-art gym and fitness center spanning 1300sq.ft, with dedicated trainers, lockers, shower areas, and a wide range of machines and free-weights to ensure amazing workouts.

Medical Coverage

Gaditians and their immediate families are covered for a wide range of emergencies and incidents, including In-patient & Day Care (IPD) and Out-patient & Day Care (OPD).

Continued Support

Gaditek is a family of employees. In an unfortunate case of a Gaditian’s death, we will continue to support their family. All Gaditians, are covered from Day 1.

Maternity Support

Our employees are part of the Gaditek family from day one of their joining. We empathize with the needs of becoming a parent and offer maternity and paternity support to all Gaditians.

Serious Injury/Accidental Support

In the unfortunate event of serious injury or serious health issues, Gaditek extends support to ease off the financial burden for the family. The employee continues to receive full monthly salary for up to 12 months.

Life Insurance

We offer complete life insurance coverage. Our insurance coverage also includes everything from smartphones and wallet to ATM cards.

COVID-19 Fund

To protect our employees in case of medical emergencies due to COVID-19, we have created a special fund that covers them and their immediate family members.

Remote Work During COVID-19

To fully equip our teams for working remotely during the pandemic, we have introduced the following facilities; UPS for critical teams, monthly internet allowance, additional OPD benefits, internet device for all employees, paused all pending loan installments, and introduced dedicated hotlines to our support teams.

Learning & Development.

Gaditians are expected and encouraged to learn and develop themselves. We support them to remain relevant and competitive in the market through the following:

Learning Events

Gaditek makes it easy for people to attend learning events within and outside Gaditek. Interacting with people who are doing interesting work revitalizes people’s own resolve to do better.

Self-Directed Learnings

Self-Directed learnings are big part of Gaditek. We support self-learners and DIY enthusiasts by extensively planning time for learning as well as providing the resources and help they need.

Structured Trainings

Structured trainings are scheduled on a wide range of topics throughout the year to educate and develop the skillsets and mindsets of our employees.

Online Courses

Apart from classroom trainings, Gaditians also get exposed to desktop and mobile trainings. People get to pick the pace of their learning.

Perks & Rewards.

Generously rewarding employees with financial rewards for being proactive and winning as a team.

Performance Bonuses

Performance is not just appreciated, but fully rewarded at Gaditek with biannual bonuses.


Gaditians have EOBI enrollment and matching contribution by Gaditek.

Matching Provident Fund Scheme

All Gaditians receive a matching contribution by Gaditek towards their Provident Fund up to 6%.

Interest Free Loans

As part of our financial wellness, we offer Interest Free Loans with simple payment options to all Gaditians.

Internet Allowance

Gaditians can avail internet allowance depending on the nature of their work.

Company Maintained Vehicle/Vehicle Allowance

Company maintained vehicle is a package deal covering fuel, maintenance, tracker, taxes, and insurance or equivalent vehicle allowance.

Employee Referral Rewards

When discovering our ideal candidates, we consider our employees to be our best assets. Our Employee Referral Program offers referral bonuses to the referring employee upon each successful referral.

Loan Against Provident Fund

To protect employees against financial difficulties, we offer loans against the provident fund based on the set laws by the Government of Pakistan.

Mobile Phone Limits

Mobile phones are provided to eligible employees with profitable buy-back options.


Gaditek is on its way to becoming an employee-owned company. Announcing details soon!

Time Off/Flexibility

Gaditians enjoy generous paid time off, combined with additional company benefits that provide optimal flexibility and choice.


Gaditek remains closed on weekends, except the last Saturday of the month where we organize free monthly team lunches and teambuilding activities.

Public Holidays

Gaditek remains closed on all public federal holidays throughout the calendar year. Exceptions are made for our rockstar customer success teams.

Paid Time Off

Gaditek trusts its employees to take time off from work as needed. There is no concept of separate casual, planned, or sick leaves.

Paternity & Maternity Leaves

Gaditek celebrates and supports parenthood. Employees are entitled to maternity and paternity leaves from Day 1 of joining.

Bereavement Leaves

Paid leave available to employees to grieve their loss in case of death or funeral of a member of their immediate family.

Disability Leaves

In case of serious injuries leading to disability, Gaditians are entitled to disability leaves for recovery.

Wedding Leaves

Gaditians are entitled to take time off for their weddings. This is in addition to their PTOs.

Pilgrimage Leaves

Gaditians are entitled to avail up to 30 days of paid leaves for performing pilgrimage.

Work from Home

To accommodate family emergencies and other special cases, Gaditians are allowed to work from home.

Mandatory Vacations

All Gaditians are required to disconnect from work with a healthy vacation.

Exceptional Employee Experience.

Providing a healthy and quality lifestyle to our employees with perks designed to make the workplace productive and fun!

Vending Machine

Gaditians can pick the snack and drink of their choice from the friendly in-house vending machine.

GreenO Cold Pressed Juices

We have partnered with GreenO, allowing Gaditians to enjoy fresh cold pressed juice inside the premises.

Company Picnics

In order for Gaditians to relax and to support teamwork, we organize multiple fun-filled picnics every year.

Saturday Luncheons!

Last Saturdays of the month are dedicated to free team lunches across all business units at Gaditek. Each team chooses its own menu.

Discounted Commutes to Office

Gaditek has partnered with Airlift in an effort to drastically reduce the cost and hassle of commuting to office.

Indoor Gaming

Short fun breaks for play are common at Gaditek where Gaditians can choose to enjoy rallying at table tennis, cueing on pool, and scoring in foosball.

Wedding Gifts

Gaditians who get married after joining Gaditek become entitled to an awesome surprise gift!

Food on the House

Gaditian's who stay back after their shift for 3 hours can order free food on the house!

Company Swag

All Gaditians receive company swag for free when they come on board. You can ask for additional swag when needed.

5 Year Gifts

We go above and beyond to celebrate anniversaries in style. The 5-year anniversary is a special occasion with gifts ranging from UHDTVs, PlayStations, Xboxes, and more!

Local & International Trips

Rewarding star performers in style is part of Gaditek’s DNA. Local and international trips are organized for the people who out-shine and create tremendous value.

Grand Birthday Parties

Every month, a grand pizza party is organized to celebrate the birthdays of all Gaditians born that month. With 550+ employees, the whole year is sprinkled with fun birthday parties!

ATM Machine

Gaditians have access to an ATM machine inside the office premise. They can easily and safely draw cash anytime they want.

Free Coffee and Tea

Gaditians can enjoy unlimited tea and coffee at office.

Gifts for Newborns

Gaditians blessed with a child receive an amazing gift for their newborn!

Gaditek Cricket League.

Gaditek organizes Gaditek Cricket League (GCL) once a year. It is one of the biggest sporting tournament in the company. In 2019, GCL19 was organized. It became the biggest corporate cricket event in tech in Pakistan as 8 teams from Gaditek with 130 players stepped up to compete in 33 matches over the entire month of April to win the Championship trophy.

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