Benefits & Perks. Like No Other.

Our Benefits Philosophy.

Gaditek believes in justifying the time and energy its employees choose to invest in it by creating an amazing environment: a place where they come to get charged, so they can go home and have a great time with their family. The wide range of office perks and benefits mentioned below are an extension of this belief. They stem from four core elements:


At Gaditek, employees gain free-rein when it comes to selecting the project they want to work on, coming up with new ideas, and then deciding on how you want to execute on those ideas. With us, you have complete freedom to work on your pet projects, seek new horizons, and maybe even turn them into startups, and then grow them into full-fledged businesses.


We believe if we and our employees are not growing, we’re dying. Our belief in human-centricity demands that we focus on continuous and consistent innovation. It is crucial for us not just as a business, but also for ensuring that our employees gain the skillsets and the mindsets they need to stay relevant and competitive in the marketplace.

Core Values

Proactiveness, respect for everyone, openness to new ideas, willingness to embrace change, winning as a team, and creating value. These are the ingredients of the secret gel that keeps all of us connected to one core mission: to take us to new levels of excellence in existing and non-existing areas.


We believe in serving employees, and our culture—the set of our beliefs, values, and work ethic— reflects it. With us, reward and respect is based on an individuals’ and team’s performance. And our benefits ensure that you have all the motivation you need to learn new skills and grow.

Fast-Paced Career Path.

Gaditek believes in matching your ambition and contributions with fulfilling career paths.

Just 7 Layer to the top

As an employee-centric company, Gaditek believes in helping employees unlock their potential, grow through our ranks, and play ever more integral role in taking us to new and unknown places.

This is why, unlike traditional companies that have more steps in their hierarchy we have just 7.

Traditional and exponential growth paths

Employees can choose between traditional and exponential career paths.

Competitive Packages

Employees know that their salary packages are always market competitive, with upto 4 performance based bonuses per year, annual increments, and potential for earning stakes in the company.

Healthcare & Continued Support.

Gaditek offers a number of health related benefits to ensure well-being of its people

Wellness Program

Employee wellness is a critical component of our culture. Gaditek's wellness program comprises of a plethora of initiatives that address all aspects of a Gaditian's wellbeing. Initiatives range from fitness sessions, blood donations, physical checkups, to initiatives for financial literacy and wellbeing.

Medical Coverage

Gaditians and their immediate families are covered for a wide range of emergencies and incidents, including In-patient & Day Care (IPD) and Out-patient & Day Care (OPD).

Maternity Support

Our employees are part of the Gaditek family. We offer maternity support to all our members.

Life Insurance

We offer complete life insurance coverage. Our insurance coverage also includes everything from cellphones and wallet to your ATMs.

Serious Injury/Accidental Support

In the unfortunate event of Serious Injury or Serious Health issues, Gaditek extends support to ease off the financial burden for the family. The employee continues to receive full monthly salary she/he was earning prior to the incident for up to 12 months.

Continued Support

Gaditek is a family of employees. In an unfortunate case of a Gaditian's death, we will continue to support their family. All Gaditians, are covered from Day 1.

Perks & Rewards.

Gaditek believes in generously rewarding its family members by offering them multiple opportunities to reap financial rewards by being proactively innovative and winning as a team.

Performance Bonuses

Performance is not just appreciated, but fully rewarded at Gaditek with quarterly bonuses.

Company Maintained Car

Gaditek rewards employees for their performance with company maintained cars covering fuel, maintenance, tracker, taxes, and insurance for the car as well. The car’s ownership is transferred to the employees after 5 years of service with us.

Interest Free Loans

All Gaditians may apply for Interest Free Loans.

Matching Provident Fund Scheme

All Gaditians receive a matching contribution by Gaditek towards their Provident Fund up to 5%.

Laptop & Cellphone

In special cases, Gaditians may apply for Laptop and Cellphone. We finance 50% of the product and after 2 years with Gaditek, the ownership is completely transferred to the employee.

Internet Allowance

In special cases, Gaditians are given Internet Allowance.

Time Off/Flexibility.

Gaditians enjoy generous paid time off, combined with additional company benefits that provide optimal flexibility and choice when managing time away from work and during important life events.


Gaditians are encouraged to take time off from work to relax and enjoy with their friends and family. They are entitled to up to 14 paid leaves based on association with Gaditek.

Maternity and Paternity Leaves

We celebrate and support parenthood at Gaditek. Employees are entitled to maternity and paternity leaves from Day 1 of joining.

Work from Home

To accommodate family emergencies and other special cases, Gaditians are allowed to work from home.

Disability leaves

In case of serious injuries leading to disability, Gaditians are entitled to disability leaves for recovery.

Casual & Sick Leaves

In addition to vacations, Gaditians have the company benefit of Sick and Casual leaves. Gaditians are entitled up to 18 casual and sick leaves combined, based on their career level.

Pilgrimage Leaves

Gaditians are entitled to avail up to 30 days of paid leaves for performing pilgrimage.

Extended leaves for Study

This policy allows people to dedicate their time to studies. Based on mutual agreement, people can apply for extended leaves.

Flexible Timings

All Gaditians enjoy flexible timings. They can choose whatever time suits them provided it is not compromising the team’s goal. Teams like Customer Success are an exception.

Special Policy for those with family out of city.

Realizing the fact that those who have family in different cities might have different requirements, Gaditek offers additional flexibility when it comes to leaves.

Family Leaves

In addition to vacations and casual & sick leaves, Gaditians are entitled to take time off for important family events, e.g., Weddings. Various options are available based on your association with Gaditek.

Development Program.

Gaditians are highly encouraged and supported to develop and grow themselves. To help them remain relevant and competitive in the market, we offer the following

Structured Trainings

Structured Trainings are scheduled on a wide range of topics throughout the year to educate and develop the talent at Gaditek.

Self-Directed Learnings

Self-Directed Learnings are big part of Gaditek where those who wish to equip themselves with knowledge and skill sets in areas they are curious about are encouraged and supported.

Learning Events

Gaditek makes it easy for people to attend learning events both within and outside Gaditek. Mingling with people who are doing interesting work in their space revitalizes people’s own resolve to do better.

Online Courses

Apart from classroom trainings our people also get exposed to desktop trainings. People get to pick the pace at which they complete online learning.

Office Perks.

In order to provide a healthy and quality lifestyle to its employees, Gaditek offers perks designed to maximize make the workplace fun and productive! All Gaditians can enjoy the following perks:

5 Years Gifts

Seniority matters at Gaditek, and we try to go above and beyond to celebrate anniversaries in style. The 5-year anniversary is a special occasion with gifts ranging from Playstations and Xboxes to fancy tablets, and more!


In order for Gaditians to relax and to support teamwork, we organize 2 fun-filled picnics every year.

Lunch On Saturday

Gaditians enjoy free lunches on Saturdays!

Vending Machine

Gaditians can pick the snack and drink of their choice from the friendly in-house wending machine.

Gaming Consoles

For avid gamers, we have separate gaming rooms equipped with their favorite consoles. Gaditians can relax and let out some creative steam playing their favorite games with fellow Gaditians.

ATM Machine

Gaditians have access to an ATM machine inside the office premise. They can easily and safely draw cash anytime they want.

Free Coffee and Tea

Gaditians can enjoy unlimited tea and coffee at office.

Wedding Gifts

Gaditians who get married become entitled to an awesome surprise gift!

Gifts For Newborn

Gaditians blessed with a child receive a goody-filled stroller for their newborn!

Club Membership

Senior Gaditians receive full membership at Pavilion End. The membership includes employee's wife and kids, offering them a space to relax with their family. The membership includes monthly payments of the membership.

Company Swag

All Gaditians receive company swag for free when they come on board.

Birthday Gifts

Every Gaditian's birthday is celebrated with a blast, and surprise gifts! With 500+ hearts in our family, the whole year is sprinkled with fun birthdays!

Knockout Gaming Tournaments (KOGT)

For gamers at Gaditek, we organize Indoor Gaming tournaments every quarter!
We believe gaming is essential to ensure that our innovative Gaditians remain mentally and physically active.

We offer various indoor facilities, including:

  • Table Tennis
  • Pool
  • Foosball
  • E-Games (PC & consoles)
  • Cricket

Play off as teams at Table Tennis, Pool, and Foosball, or face off in DOTA2 and Counter Strike, among others!

Local & International Trips.

Rewarding star performers in style is part of Gaditek’s history. International trips are arranged for the people who out-shine and create tremendous value. Exceptional results deserve exceptional rewards and star performers are rewarded accordingly

Changing the world? Let’s work together.

The Gaditek Life

Happening now! Knowledge sharing sessions on the impact, importance and future of AI, and what we need to do to push Pakistan into the fourth industrial revolution.
#Gaditek #NED #AIC #AI #machinelearning #AIFestival #knowledgesharing #futureofwork #fourthindustrialrevolution
Guess what those circles represent and grab your cup and T-shirt from our campus or our stall!

Valid for the first 5 great replies!

We're heading to the auditorium. Stay tuned. Details on our fb page!

#Gaditek #NED #AIC #AI #machinelearning #AIFestival #relevancestartshere #relevance
"No AI was harmed" in the making of this picture 😉

We're loving the proactive efforts by the students at AI Festival 2.0!
For a deeper, more serious look at the impact AI has on the future of work meet us at our stall. See how we're helping students realize this, by following us on Facebook today!

#Gaditek #NED #AIC #AI #ArtificialIntelligence #machinelearning #AIFestival #futureofwork #proactiveness #food
Students unleashing the pro golfer in them at Gaditek's stall at AI Festival 2.0.

If you're here don't forget to test your golfing skills! Very cool swag and goodies await you!

Check the mock interviews and mentoring sessions with students on our Facebook page!
#Gaditek #NED #AIC #AI #machinelearning #AIFestival2
Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow at the AI Festival 2.0 at NED! The event has been organized by NED's Artificial Intelligence Club (AIC)
Gaditek supports AIC's vision that Pakistan must start taking its first steps in the direction of AI literacy. We believe that organizations must adopt an AI-first mentality quickly and events like AIC's AI Festivals are the right step in this direction. Such efforts are needed to empower students as well as the growing field of AI/ML engineering.
Glad to be back.

#AI #AIFestival #gaditek #machinelearning #artificialintelligence #learning
It is our responsibility to inspire, guide, mentor and educate students about the amazing opportunities, realities, and impending challenges that await them as they enter the job market.
Today, the second batch of students from Aptech visted us for a knowledge sharing and career counselling session. They interacted with senior resources from software engineering, HR, talent acquisition, brand and marketing departments.
The experience, as always was amazing. Thank you for joining us!
#gaditek #industrialvisit #mentoring #careercounselling

Every month we organize a grand pizza party to celebrate the combined birthdays of all the Gaditians who were born in that month. This time, we were pleasantly surprised to find that so many Gaditians are born in November!

Thank you, everyone, for joining us. Looking forward to seeing you thrive this year as well. All the best!
#happy #birthday #gaditians #grandpizzaparty #occupational #wellness #employeewellbeingprogram
A huge shout out to our team representing Cloudways at the WordCamp US! WordCamps are the premier WordPress knowledge-sharing conferences that bring together pros and enthusiasts alike and an amazing line-up of authority figures and leaders who set the direction for the WordPress community.

#learning #culture #wordpress #wordcampus #WCUS #gaditek
Great spaces free us up to get creative. They make us want to go that extra mile, and innovate!⠀

Here we have, Gaditek at night. A shot taken by our very own.⠀

#Gaditek #spaces #culture #ease #wellness #wellbeing #EmployeeCentricity
At Gaditek, we dont do well with traditional boring things. We tend to flip them around.

Recently, Tech Karo asked us to invite their students for an industrial visit. We did, except instead of the usual office tours, QnA sessions and presentations, they participated in our unthink Game.

Students were paired in 8 teams, namely #WhatsApp, #BYKEA, #Daraz, #Uber, #MandiExpress, #Foodpanda, #Netflix, and #Savyour.
They were challenged to gather requirements to recreate the product from ground up assuming the product had not existed. Students were exposed to new ways to thinking, encouraged to challenge existing mindsets, and were guided and mentored by senior engineers and marketers.
Thank you to all the participants of Tech Karo.
Here is to World Food Day 2019!⠀

At Gaditek, we take our food seriously. Very seriously. 😁⠀

#Gaditek #WorldFoodDay #FoodDay #WFD2019 #WorldFoodDay2019 #Wellness #Employee #Centricity #Foodies
Employers use resumes throughout the hiring process to learn more about applicants and decide whether they might be a good fit or not.

Here are some tips from Gaditek's very own Talent Acquisition Manager, Alijaan, that will help you build the resume that gets things going for you!

#Gaditek #resume #CV #hiring #job #writing #HR #applicants #candidates #jobs