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GCL19 Updates

28th April 2019

[Event] “GCL19 Winners" -  Announcing The Champions!

Who won GCL19? Did the reign of the old champions survive or do we have a new champion?! The audience was riveted to their seats up till the second last ball of the match! Fierce, exciting, and so so close. The last shot of the match crowned Fighting Thunders as the new champion for Gaditek Cricket League and sent the audience and the 7 teams storming the ground to congratulate the winners.

Congratulations to the New Champions for earning the right to #BragSaalBhar, and a round of applause for an intense match by the Power Hitters!  #GCL19 #CricketFever #Gaditek #WellnessProgram

The winners and champions of Gaditek Cricket League 2019 (GCL19) Team Fighting Thunders

28th April 2019

[Event] “GCL19 Endgame" -  The Finals Are Nigh!

GCL19 Endgame is here. The Fighting Thunders have won the semi-finals in an amazing match against the Warriors making the only team to play 9 matches. Their next match is against the reigning champions, the Power Hitters. We cannot wait to witness the clash between the two titans!

Don't miss the awesome clash between the teams! You can live-stream the matches on YouTube! #GCL19 #CricketFever #BragSaalBhar

GCL19 The Grand Finale Power Hitters vs Fighting Thunders

27th April 2019

[Event] “GCL19 Endgame" -  Quarter Finals Begin!

GCL19 Endgame begins at 720PM sharp tonight as six teams head into the quarterfinals. Their points, straight wins and multiple losses no longer matter. How they perform tonight will seal their fates. Who will win? We can't wait to know!

Don't miss the awesome clash between the teams! You can live-stream the matches on YouTube! #GCL19 #CricketFever #BragSaalBhar

Gaditek Cricket League 2019 GCL19 Quarter Finals Begin at 730 PM! Don't miss it!
GCL19 Quarter Finals Begin at 730 PM! Don't miss it!

26nd April 2019

[Event] “GCL19 Elimination Round" - The Quater Finalists Are Coming!

Calling all cricket enthusiasts and GCL19 lovers, the elimination round is on! Our 8 teams will compete in the last round where their points matter. Tomorrow onwards, its the best team with the best luck wins! Quarterfinals will be held tomorrow and the semi-finals and finals on Sunday 28th April.

It will be an enthralling display of athleticism and amazing cricket! The Grand Closing Ceremony will be a blast, so don't miss it! Watch matches live at Eidgah Ground with family and friends or live-stream them on YouTube on the scheduled dates! #GCL19 #CricketFever #BragSaalBhar

The Elimination Round will decide the match fixtures for the Quarterfinals. Will be held on Friday 26th April 2019
The Elimination Round will decide the match fixtures for the Quarterfinals

26nd April 2019

[Hype] “GCL19 Frames " - Custom Photo Frames are Live!

Cricket lovers and fans of GCL19, we are heading into the last 3 days of GCL19, the biggest corporate cricket event in Karachi. TO CELEBRATE, we have introduced some amazing, custom GCL19 photo frames and camera effects on Facebook for you to use. Show your support for your favorite team by selecting the photo frame from the options!

Here are the direct links to the photo frames:

All the best! #CricketFever #GCL19

We have launched the photo frames and camera effects for cricket lovers and fans of gaditek cricket league 2019! Support your favorite team by using them now!
Support your favourite team and GCL19 with these frames and camera effect!

22nd April 2019

[Winners] “GCL19 Week 3 " - Close Calls, Great Comebacks.

Week 3 of GCL19 went by in a flurry of riveting matches and close wins. Fighting Thunders stared Power Hitters in one of the most awaited matches of the event so far. However, Power Hitters won and maintained their unbeaten streak of six consecutive wins. Invincibles found themselves in a tight spot against the fierce Panthers needing 6 runs on 5 balls and managed to win with an amazing cricket by Panthers.

Week 4 will start with a final round of knockout matches to decide the teams that will face off in the Quarter Finals on Saturday. The semi-finals and finals will be held on Sunday.

Stay tuned for more and don't forget! EVERYONE's invited to GCL19 matches. Watch matches live at Eidgah Ground with family and friends or live-stream them on YouTube on the scheduled dates! #GCL19 #CricketFever #BragSaalBhar

GCL19 Gaditek Cricket League 2019 weekly update 1 for week 1

15th April 2019

[Winners] “GCL19 Week 2 " - Fierce Competition, Amazing Comebacks!

The only word that can sum Week 2 of GCL19 is flabergasting. The fierce, competitive, and amazing display of athleticism shown by teams simply glued us to our seats. Power Hitters proved themselves unassailable, winning all the matches to remain at #1. However, the unexpected return of Invincibles & Fighting Thunders, and the Warriors getting a win on Titans have become the talk of the town. Check the standings for where teams stand here.

Week 3 matches will begin earlier, starting Thursday due to Shab-e-Baraat. The meme wars and cringe-worthy videos with teams challenging rivals are fueling the rivalries. After all, this week decides who we see in the Quarter Finals! Expect the next 8 matches to be the best of GCL19 so far! #GCL19 #BragSaalBhar #Gaditek

GCL19 Gaditek Cricket League 2019 weekly update 1 for week 1

9th April 2019

[Fun] “Memes Are Awesome " - Team Invincible's PR Stunt

The results of GCl19's Week 1 are out. The way teams are expressing their wins and their losses are among the most entertaining and memorable aspects of GCl19. From memes to scripted video messages by teams, everyone is looking forward to the next update on Life, the internal employee portal and social platform that is the epicenter of all news related to GCL19!

GCL19 is part of Gaditek's Wellness Program. It is not only an initiative for ensuring physical health and wellness of Gaditians but also a team building activity that synergizes teams from different business units.

Team Invincibles Post Week #1 Conference Meme post GCL19 match loss
Team Invincibles Post Week #1 Conference Meme

8th April 2019

[Winners] “GCL19 Week 1 " - Straight wins by Power Hitters, Panthers & Titans!

The amazing display of cricket at Gaditek Cricket League's first weekend has left us in awe. In addition to the defending champions, Power Hitters winning both the matches, we saw Panthers and Titans take the reins bagging both the matches to score 4 points each. Fighting Thunders and Warriors won one match, scoring 2 points. In a surprising turn of events the Invincibles, Rising Stars, and Samurais lost all the matches.

Gaditek's campuses are abuzz with excitement and a blazing streak of cringe-worthy memes. We can not wait for Week 2! #GCL19 #BragSaalBhar #Gaditek

GCL19 Gaditek Cricket League 2019 weekly update 1 for week 1

4th April 2019

[Hype] “GCL19 Giveaways” – Share Your Best Moments & Win!

An awesome line-up of free giveaways and goodies awaits participants and audiences in GCL19! Food Vouchers, Goody Bags, Drinks, Shirts, Mugs, Caps, Keychains, and more! These will go to the Top 5 people who have taken the best photos and videos each week.

Simply use the hashtags #GCL19 #Gaditek #BragSaalBhar when sharing on social. Tag Gaditek so we can follow your work! Our partner brands include OPTP, Lays, Dayfresh, Lamosh, New York Pizza, California Pizza, and The Sauce, among others.

GCL19 free giveaways from OPTP, Lays, DayFresh, Lamosh, New York Pizza, California Pizza, The Sauce, and other brands
Win Exciting Prizes and Giveaways at GCL19!

3rd April 2019

[Hype] “For Cricket Lovers” – The Official GCL19 Wallpaper!

What better way to celebrate the impending clash between 8 amazing teams and show your love for cricket than adorning your desktops with a dedicated wallpaper? Download the official GLC19 wallpaper now!

Team banners are coming up next. Stay tuned!

Official wallpaper for GCL19 showing lgoos of all 8 teams
Official Wallpaper for GCL19!

2nd April 2019

[EVENT] "Invitation to GCL19" - GCL19 is Open For All!

GRAND NEWS! The opening ceremony of GCL19 will be held on 5th April in Eidgah Ground. EVERYONE’s INVITED. Bring your family. Invite your friends. Have a blast watching amazing cricket. Each match is of 6 overs max. Short. Intense. Exciting. You’ll love it!

Looking forward to seeing you!

GCL19 Gaditek Cricket League 2019 is the biggest corporate cricket event in Karachi and Pakistan. It is part of Gaditek's Employee Wellness Program. Everyone's invited to watch the matches live! You can visit with your family and friends. Have a great time watching amazing cricket!
GCL19 Invitation is open for all! Invite your family. Invite your friends. Enjoy great cricket!

28th March 2019

[Suprise] "The BIG Reveal" -  GCL19 Captain Ceremony

We promised Gaditians that GCL19 will be "Bigger. Better. Fiercer." None of the teams knew what we had in store for them.  So, we revealed the new team logos, team flags, and dashing jerseys to tumultuous applause! We are eagerly looking forward to the amazing display of cricket in the first round of matches.

ONE MORE THING: Each team has a dedicated jersey and will also be sponsored by one of our brands. We have Lays, Burger Lab, Hardee's, California Pizza, New York Pizza, Mechanic Ustaad, The Sauce, Lamosh, and OPTP onboard for the ride!

GCL19 captains ceremony revealing and presenting redesigned team jerseys!
The Big Reveal -GCL19 captains' ceremony revealing and presenting redesigned team jerseys!

18th March 2019

[Hype] "Redesigned" - New Team Logos @ Level Max!

GCL18 was one of the most memorable sports and wellness events for Gaditians last year. As everyone was wondering what more can we do to wow the avid cricket fans, we slipped them an exciting surprise: the original team logos, redesigned and upgraded 10x!

The energy and excitement inside the campuses just sky-rocketed. Everyone's looking forward to what we have in store for them next! Watch the GCL19 reveal video here.

Gaditek Cricket League 2019 GCL19 update for logo reveal. Video reveals the redesigned logos for all 8 teams. A surprise for the teams that added enthusiasm for all!
GLC19 - Revealing the new redesigned logos for all 8 teams!

5th March 2019

[Beginning]  “GCL19 is Back!” – Register for Trials Now!

Announcing the return of Gaditek Cricket League! It is time to get ready for a month of excitement, grueling competition, and amazing cricket like you've never seen before.

Trials for 3 new teams begin on 11th March. So register yourself and get ready for bigger, better, and fiercer cricket like you’ve never seen before!

Gaditek Cricket League 2109 first video. GCL19 is back with a bang. Organzied by Gaditek under its wellness program, GCL19 will add 3 new teams to the mix in 2019
Gaditek Cricket League is back! 8 Teams. 33 Matches. One Champion. Who will win?

22 February 2019

[BTS] "Ignition"- The First GCL19 Team Meet

The spark for organizing Gaditek Cricket League 19, the biggest corporate cricket event in Karachi brought together 7 different teams together in the Quiet Room. Brand & Marketing, HR, Operations, Admin, Culture, Engineering and Agile sat together to break down their vision into 208 executable task.

The result was a whole month of planning and preparation: from team logo and jersey designs, to promo and hype videos, to trial sessions and selection, to team photoshoots and banners, to the opening ceremony and every minuscule touchpoint. Next, a whole month dedicated to rolling out amazing cricket matches.

Gaditek Cricket League 2019 first ever meetup of all cross-functional teams to decide on the task ahead. GCL19 would require our collaboration along multiple touchpoints to make this initiative successful. GCL19 is organized under Gaditek's Employee Wellness Program to ensure health and wellness of Gaditians.
GLC19 - The First Meetup of All Teams. 208 tasks. A month of preparation. And a month of execution!