Growth Marketing Leaders Program 2022

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Zero Experience
6 Weeks Full-Time Training
For Marketing Enthusiasts
Competitive Compensation

What is the Growth Marketing Leaders Program 2022?

Growth Marketing Leaders Program 2022 is designed to equip you with the skills needed to ace the digital marketing landscape of modern SMEs. This program is perfect for those who want hands-on experience with growth marketing. 

It’s a six-week-long program where you’ll work directly under the guidance of our growth marketing experts. Here you’ll learn the key concepts like SEO, SEM, SMM, CRO, outreach & affiliate marketing, community building, organic & paid marketing, etc.

It’s an entirely different marketing world when compared to the traditional marketing strategies that are usually only relevant to the conventional MNCs. You’ll also have a chance to implement your learnings and monitor your results. 

Towards the end of the program, you’ll know how digital marketing and other marketing components work in coherence to devise growth marketing strategies that produce results.

Those who deliver exceptional performances will also have opportunities to become a part of the cloudways family.

What Will You Gain From the Growth Marketing Leaders Program 2022?

Guidance from the champions

At Cloudways, you’ll work directly under the guidance of digital marketing champions and soak in their years of experience.

Hands-on experience

It’s not all theory with us. Here, at Cloudways, you’ll have ample opportunities to implement your learnings and see the results they reap.

Opportunity for a full-time position

Those participants who deliver exceptional performances will be eligible for a full-time marketing executive position at Cloudways.

Why Did Cloudways Start the Growth Marketing Leaders Program 2022?

People still think that marketing is something that happens only on Television screens, billboards, and in newspapers. While these conventional marketing channels are still relevant, that’s not all there’s to marketing.

The world of marketing has gone way beyond these usual channels. The sad truth is that most universities haven’t caught up with the pace of the market. The marketing strategies taught there are mostly limited to the traditional MNCs.

Here at Cloudways, we aim to expose marketing professionals and students to the new channels of marketing. We started this program to give people opportunities to learn digital marketing hands-on.

Participants will explore the new digital marketing channels like content marketing, affiliate marketing, community marketing, etc. 

Bottom line- we started the program to help marketing enthusiasts expand their marketing skills and grab new and lucrative opportunities in the marketing field.

What learnings and expertise you'll acquire from our Growth Program?

Participants can expect to be comfortable with the following concepts at the end of the program:

Inbound Marketing
Traffic Monetization
Affiliate marketing
Product Marketing
Content Creation
Marketing Positioning
Community Penetration
Data Optimization
Social Media Strategies

Who Should Apply?

Anyone who doesn’t want a limited approach to marketing and wishes to learn its digital dimensions can apply to the program. Cloudways brings you the opportunity to learn new marketing concepts and apply them. 

If you are someone who wants to learn how digital marketing works and wishes to gain experience from the marketing veterans, then we’ll await your applications. Cloudways is eager to help you polish your creative and technical marketing skills!

What do you need to apply?

You need to be passionate about marketing. That’s all that matters to us, and that’s all we need from your side!

There are no special requirements for the program. Anyone is welcome to submit their applications.