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Gaditek Linux Academy 2nd batch graduates Cloud Engineers. Welcome onboard!

What is Gaditek’s Linux Academy Program?

The Linux Academy Program is a six week long training program conducted on campus at Gaditek by senior Gaditians with years of experience in Linux, cloud computing and cloud engineering.

Once inducted into the program, you will be taught the ins-and-outs of cloud computing and engineering through a combination of theory, on the job and practical hands-on training. It will prepare you for a career in PlatformOps at Gaditek in specific, and cloud computing & engineering in general.

What You Will Gain From the Linux
Academy Program?

360 Learning

Learn everything about the technical and business side of cloud computing, engineering, and managed cloud hosting.

Learn from Veterans

You will be taught by senior cloud engineers and technology leaders from Gaditek. These are the people that have built the business from its startup days, rapidly growing and scaling it. 

Practical, Hands-On Learning

Quickly move from theory to hands-on training where you implement what you’ve learnt, experiment, gain insights, and you’re your skillset on the go. 

Why Did Gaditek Start the Linux Academy Program?

Managed Cloud computing and hosting is the future of technology and entrepreneurship across the world. This industry has staggering potential, yet Pakistan lacks qualified talent to embrace it.

Hence, Gaditek started the Linux academy Program for fresh graduates in 2018. So far, we have successfully inducted 3 batches and hired high-potential candidates in our
PlatformOps department

What Is PlatformOps?

PlatformOps comprises of a team of technical support cloud engineers. They are at the heart of scaling the managed cloud hosting services of one of our brands working with customers that range from small startups to large fortune 500 enterprises.

Each day, the team enables hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs manage and grow their business. They ensure our customers can leave all the worries about managing their websites, ecommerce stores, web apps, and more to us.

Why Should You Consider A Career In PlatformOps?

PlatformOps is the place for high potential candidates seeking stellar growth. As a result, Gaditians in PlatformOps are all-rounders and future leaders. This is because they learn about and master everything about our business — from cloud computing, our product and business model, to business development, to customer psychology.

Your career begins in the trenches, by developing the core skillset by directly working with our clients through customer-facing job. It is a challenging journey but the rewards are as fulfilling and set you for explosive growth in the future.

What Do You Need to Apply?

To apply, all you need is an interest in Linux and WordPress. Zero experience. If you’re inducted into the batch, we’ll train you from scratch.  But what we are looking for is a thirst for gaining knowledge and an attitude of continuous self-learning. Because there is so much to learn. And we have just six weeks to get done with it. 

Application Date for the 3rd Batch
Will Be Announced Soon.