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The biggest fear Fresh Graduates have is how lack of work experience will reduce their chances of getting a great first job.

Not with us.

As a New Age company, we constantly find ourselves faced with ideas and technologies that are disrupting existing industries, eliminating old ones, and creating new ones. The only way we can stay competitive is by hiring talent that has the right mindset. Which is why we say: bring us the right mindset, and we will take care of your skillset.

What We Need In You

We need graduates who are focused; who are curious and question the way things are being done; who will find new ways to do them, and then do them differently.

We need people who are proactive and have a “Do It Now” mentality; people who respect everyone and are open to new ideas, who can embrace change, and who will win and create value as a team. Do you have what we need? Yes?

Then let’s not keep each other waiting :)

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What We Offer You


With us, you will never have to worry about staying relevant and valuable in the marketplace. In traditional companies, employees are unable to learn or gain new skills beyond their core competencies. As a result, they are unable to keep abreast of the changing dynamics and demands of the marketplace. Gaditek is committed to ensuring that you gain the skillsets and the mindsets needed to remain innovative and on the cutting-edge, and continuously increase your value in the marketplace.


With us, the speed of your learning, personal development, and career growth is on you. Want to frog-leap the next two titles in a year? Go ahead. Our exponential career path is open for everyone. Simply set your goals, sign a win-win agreement, deliver on your committed learning and company goals, and voila! Rocket through your career to more learning, high salary package, and better titles.


From complete healthcare coverage and continued support in case of serious injuries, maternity & paternity coverage, and life insurance, to Company Maintained Vehicle/Vehicle Allowance, to interest free loans, flexible office timings, and 7 different types of leaves— we offer a plethora of benefits to ensure our employees feel as part of Gaditek family. And we’re continuously adding new benefits and office perks to the mix. Check our complete range of benefits here.

Initiatives for Universities Goodbye Traditional Industrial Visits.

We are sure your university has arranged several industrial visits for you— the usual visits to the company offices, interacting with people, and maybe working on a project.

At GADITEK, things work a little different. We’re awesome that way ;)

So, an industrial visit with us may mean playing our unthink game, which revolves around roleplaying and overcoming a challenge—leveraging radical thinking, research, and then collaborating with other team members to come up with innovative solutions.

We try to re-imagine what most companies have accepted as a norm. We ensure the students gain practical skills that will help them remain innovative and open to new opportunities and ideas in the real marketplace.

Booking your industrial visit is simple.
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FREE-DOM— Your Events, Our Space

GADITEK is a happening place, and open to everyone who can dream big enough. We have made our campus open and available for anyone who needs space for freely sharing their knowledge, for collaborating and nurturing ideas in peace, and creating impact. The best part? We offer our spaces FREE of cost to anybody who can dream big enough.

Rent Free Space is the physical embodiment of our belief that knowledge sharing is the only way we can increase the value of talented Pakistanis, and keep them market competitive.

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